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Yes – it’s finally happening! A polymer clay carnival for Australia! They have them all the time in Europe and the USA so why not here! Sure there’s a lot of miles to cross and some long flights to bring in teachers, but once you’ve been to one, you will understand why we want to […]

How to Condition Polymer Clay

How Condition Polymer Clay (Image.1)

HOW TO CONDITION POLYMER CLAY Conditioning polymer clay before use is essential.  If not conditioned sufficiently, finished pieces will be brittle and break easily Please note: KATO POLYCLAY and FIMO PROFESSIONAL are firmer clays and CANNOT BE CONDITIONED BY KNEADING. They are designed that way because once conditioned they are easier to work with than […]

Restock of Old & 3 New KOR TOOLS

New Kor Tools - Panes & Small Stamps

Announcing 3 exciting additions to the popular Kor Tools range! Geometric Dots      Umbrellas        Maple Leaves Rollers,Texture Panes and Stamps Kor Tools line of Acrylic Rollers, Texture Panes & Stamps are designed for use with polymer, metal clay’s and soft materials. They are made of black hard opaque acrylic that has […]

A book full of projects – Polymer Art Projects ORGANIC

A book full of projects - Polymer Art Projects ORGANIC

You may have heard about the new Polymer Arts Projects series of books! ORGANICS, the first book, is chock a block full of beautiful projects, fascinating techniques and creative inspiration. It is a collective venture by Sage Bray featuring projects submitted by 16 artists (3 from Australia). The complete in-depth tutorials explore organically inspired textures […]

Luscious “Lumiere Lusters™”

Lumiere Lusters with Logo.1

Introducing a new product to the polymer clay world! Lumiere Lusters™ – a luscious range of surface treatments that will delight the user in their versatility and pure gorgeousness! Sprinkle on flakes, burnish on the flakes and powders or place large flakes strategically with tweezers before curing. Lumiere Lusters™ by JetAge Studio are specialty colour […]

New Free Tutorial from MOIKO

New Free Tutorial from MOIKO.2

Have you seen the gorgeous “New Free Tutorial from MOIKO” on our website yet!  Download it instantly when you buy selected MOIKO Silk Screens. There are 2 different tutorial downloads so make sure you know which one is attached to the screen you select or, like many, buy 2 screens and get both tutorials!  While […]