New Free Tutorial from MOIKO

New Free Tutorial from MOIKO.2

Have you seen the gorgeous “New Free Tutorial from MOIKO” on our website yet!  Download it instantly when you buy selected MOIKO Silk Screens. There are 2 different tutorial downloads so make sure you know which one is attached to the screen you select or, like many, buy 2 screens and get both tutorials!  While […]

Important Information for LC CZExtruder Owners!

If you own an LC CZExtruder, you will want to know about a new, inexpensive and essential little accessory that prevents locking up the extruder and potentially causing damage. It is very easy to fit and comes with clearly written instructions and diagrams. How does it work? Keep an eye on the helper when you […]

New Kor Tools – Panes & Small Stamps

New Kor Tools - Panes & Small Stamps

Announcing exciting additions to the popular Kor Tools range! Texture Panes and Stamps Kor Tools line of Acrylic Rollers, Texture Panes & Stamps are designed for use with polymer, metal clay’s and soft materials. They are made of black hard opaque acrylic that has been machined with intricate designs to produce beautiful, concise, clear & […]

New – LC Stencils with a Special Gift

New - LC Stencils with a Special Gift for You

Introducing LC Stencils – here to make creating beautiful pieces easy and sooooo much fun! Stencils are a quick design tool (very useful for those who sell their work). The user is limited only by their imagination and range of media on hand. Designed by Lucy Struncova of Lucy Clay Tools with a video of […]