Various silk screens and the Sculpey Silk Screen Kit

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Various Screens & Sculpey Silk Screen Kit Includes the Sculpey Silk Screen kit and all other silk screens that do not have their own subcategory.

The Sculpey Silk Screen Kit comes with many designs, both gold and silver paint, a mini squeegee and instructions. The Sculpey Silk Screen Kit is a good starting point for those wishing to try the enticing technique of silk screening on polymer clay.

Remove the screens slowly from the clay by peeling back from a corner. Take care to drop all silk screens straight into a container of slightly warm water with a drop of detergent immediately after use. Rinse and dry thoroughly before using.

Silk screening is quick and easy and a good result guarantee technique for polymer artisans, hobbyists and experienced clayers alike.  It is also a useful technique to use when creating multiples of the same product.

Texture can be added after silk screening if desire.


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Various silk screens and the Sculpey Silk Screen Kit